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Entrepeneurial. Action. Us.


Having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity.


The willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed.


A group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

Enactus Belfast is a social enterprise society at Queen’s University Belfast, utilising the entrepreneurial skills and hard working spirit of our members to empower the individuals we work with in Northern Ireland and around the world. Enactus Belfast runs both social and commercial projects, with the commercial projects providing us with essential funds to ensure that we are sustainable for years to come.





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Our Story


The leadership of Enactus Belfast this year became: Mogue Lawless: President, Jodie Jackson: Vice-President, Paul Loughran: Vice-President. The 2014/15 year saw the Start Talking project continuing and enjoying massive success in one of it’s best years, receiving commendation from the UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Also, the Tiwala project saw the Enactus Belfast team creating employment in the Philippines through a Soap producing enterprise.


This year the leadership positions were passed over to Mogue Lawless as president and Orlaith Downey as vice-president; with this transition we saw a change in strategy for active projects. Our existing commercial project was rebranded as Start Talking, a project that used artwork to have a positive impact on mental health difficulties. 2013 also saw the introduction of Regenerate NI, a project working with the homeless to improve their local community.


2012 saw Florence Severs take over as president and Michael Fox as the vice-president. This year saw the development of Fusion, Q-Consult and Innovateher, which were presented on in the Enactus National competition, this time reaching an impressive top 10 spot in the UK. In 2012 Enactus Belfast also saw the introduction of the commercial project SCAR that raised money through selling student artwork.


Owen and Phil remained the heads of the society for a second year and built on their past strengths. Developing the existing Q-Consult project we worked with a cancer charity and our Fusion project introduced a water bottle selling challenge to help teach entrepreneurship. This year at the national competition we reached the semi-finals.


In 2010/11 our President was Owen McMeel, with Phil Murray as Vice President. This year saw the launch of ‘InnovateHer’, a new project delivering an enterprise support programme to twenty all-female participants. This was a great success thanks to the hard work of project leader Labhaoise and our University Advisors. Fusion, again, was a success with a schools enterprise competition this time for year 13 pupils, ending with a day of business challenges at the University. At Nationals, we walked away proud after exiting in the Semi Finals narrowly losing out to Nottingham. Once again the team were recognised for their hard work, with Owen and Phil taking home individual awards for their commitment and achievements over the last two years. To finish off the year in style, the society once again won, ‘QUB Best Society of the Year.’


Now with Vincent Murray in charge, the team began to develop a broader portfolio of projects, including Ethical-Me, Money+ and Musical Fusion. Through Money+, SIFE QUB impacted thousands of sixth form students across Northern Ireland by empowering them with financial literacy skills to confidently go on to study in third level education. This time at Nationals the team won the award of ‘Best Ethics Project’ and showing the considerable growth of the society in Belfast, won ‘QUB Society of the Year’ and ‘QUB Community Contribution Award’.


QUB SIFE was founded in 2008 and with Lisa Collins at the helm as President, the society introduced its first ever projects: Fusion and Share Uganda, the charity of which she founded. The team competed in its first ever UK National, bringing home the awards of ‘Rookie Champions of the Year’ and ‘SIFE UK Advisors of the Year’. Although the success didn’t stop there, SIFE won the title of, ‘QUB New Society of the Year.’ showing the status and reputation it had now built for itself.

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