Project Details
  • Project Name: Connect-Q
Project Description

Connect-Q is an evolution of our past consultancy project Q-Consult. This project gave free consultancy advice to social enterprises in a wide array of areas. Q-Consult also has been paid for their consultancy work, as seen from the Queens catering project with those collecting data earning £7 an hour, paid for by Queens catering, the area of Queens University that serves food at all Queen's events. This year the project is ran by our team leader David Keenan. A final year history student who has been an enthusiastic and loyal member of Enactus Belfast. Over the past years this consultancy project has worked with: Loaf Catering, to facilitate the opening of a new social hub in a busy area of Belfast Queens catering before the launch of a brand new campus catering option One of our longest standing project partners Ten Foundations to help grow their online sales presence TZ Rising to help boost their profile in and around the university. With such a varied portfolio, we can’t wait to see where this project goes next!