Project Details
  • Project Name: Q-Consult
Project Description

Q-Consult is Enactus' Consultancy project. They give free consultancy advice to social enterprises in a wide array of areas, as we will see from the Loaf project mentioned later. Q-Consult also has been paid for their consultancy work, as seen from the Queens catering project with those collecting data earning £7 an hour, paid for by Queens catering, the area of Queens University that serves food at all Queen's events. Last year Q-Consult was led by the very capable Philip Barr. He did tremendous work on leading this project and has now graduated Queens ad so there is a new project leader. This year the project will be led by Niamh McCauley along with Emma Corr as deputy leader. They were both very valuable members of the team last year who worked very well as a team. Outside university they are close friends and they are experienced in the way the project is ran as they have been on the team a year now. So last year there were 2 main areas within Q-Consult. The year started with working with Loaf catering, a social enterprise café which employs those with mental health issues and learning difficulties. Loaf were opening a new premises close to the city hospital and they wanted Q-Consult's help to make it a success. Within this project our diverse team looked into everything from the design of the menu, what food and drink was served, the prices and the layout of the premises themselves. This ended with the team travelling to the opening of the Loaf café which was a lovely day out and we saw (and tasted) the fruits of our labour. Q-Consult also worked closely with Queen's catering last year. We were paid to collect data on students opinions of the places in and around the University's campus. We created a questionnaire, collected the data and then fed the results back to Queen's catering who were thrilled at our work and the results. As a result of this they are planning a new café opening in the campus and want to work with Q-Consult later this year. This year we will be continuing working with Queen's University and Queens catering. We really do value this relationship as it shows that Enactus is a society that can really impact and improve aspects of the University. We also would like to work with another social enterprise in a bid to foster yet another close relationship.