Project Details
  • Project Name: Support Me
Project Description

Support Me is a project being ran by Enactus Belfast that aims to empower the homeless support sector to deliver much more tailored and efficient services through the provision of modern and effective data management solutions. Non-profit groups in the homeless sector carry out incredible work to assist those caught in the trap of homelessness. Through this work many groups, as a necessity, collect massive amounts of data about the individuals they work with and as with most non-profit groups this data is left solely on paper or in rigid systems, meaning they quickly become slow and ineffective when working with large and complicated sets of data, hamstringing both development and the ability of these groups to assist their clients in the long run. Support Me aims to develop and deliver an effective and affordable data management system for homelessness support organisations by utilising the Software-as-a-Service model, empowering them to finally make the most of the data they spend so long collecting. Last year The Support Me project is still at a relatively early point. Thus far we have developed a system that meets the initial requirements of our partner charity and utilising the Software as a Service model we will be able to improve upon our original design and add new features continually without disrupting the charities’ day to today operations. Our current team members belong to three separate fields, each essential to Support Me’s success: • Computing Students - Students with a passion for and skills in software development, who are also interested in getting the valuable experience that comes with engineering an industry standard software solution. • Business Students – Students who are capable of eloquently communicating the client’s requirements to our programmers. They’ll also help manage Support Me’s growth into other individual businesses and markets as the platform grows. • Charity Partner – We have partnered with an emerging homelessness charity in Belfast known as 100 Help the Homeless, allowing us to fully understand the sector and identify the areas needing the most focus. This charity will also be the first organisation to use our solution.