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Project Description

Tiwala is our project in the rural Philippines which has set up a soap manufacturing ad distribution enterprise in which soap is created by local women in a very poverty stricken area. This soap is then sold in the local market to generate an income to the area. This gives the local area much needed money and also a host of skills, both physical skills with regards to creating soap, potential business skills through marketing and selling this soap in the local market as well as personal skills suck as confidence and team-working skills. This project is ran in conjuncture with a local charity, 10 Foundations which is located just along the Lisburn road. It is through this great charity, with it's founder Ian Campbell, that we have been able to be so successful. 10 Foundations sells bags made in the Philippines using recycled materials. All the money made from these bags is put back into the Filipino village. Last year saw the start of the soap enterprise in earnest. At Easter Jodie and I travelled to the village in the Philippines to start the project. We built a training area and livelihood centre and trained some of the women of the area in making the soap. The soap has not been fully batch made yet and no soap sold at this present moment but hopes are high for the future. Next year we hope to continue this same project and make it even stronger. We will lay a solid foundation and business structure in order for this venture to grow and become sustainable. The aim is to recruit more women in the Philippines, to share the knowledge of the soap manufacturing process and to set up a full scale manufacturing process in which a large amount of the soap is made, packaged and then sent to market. We also hope to have the soap distributed and sold to hotels and shops in neighbouring cities.